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Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial Megapixel CCTV

Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCLDC) – Overview

Detailed Product Specs

MCLDC - also known as Digital CCTV

Close-Circuit Television sends analogue signals that are limited in resolution. MCLDC is another way to have a reliable Closed Circuit environment while achieving high megapixel resolutions. MCLDC is not IP and it is not HD-SDI. Its intent is simple – use the same connectivity methods as analogue CCTV, but utilize a channel receiver to provide the functions of an IP camera. This is the perfect solution to retro-fit any existing CCTV camera to multi-megapixel. It is what CCTV in security environments should have evolved into; CCTV-> Digital CCTV! Your traditional television has switched over to high resolution Digital Television. It’s time your security cameras caught up.

Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCLDC) deployment topologies

Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCDLC) Products


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Picture of MCLDC Channel receiver
MCLDC Channel receiver
€299.30 Item Details
Picture of MCLDC NetCam Box Camera
MCLDC NetCam Box Camera
€659.90 Item Details
Picture of MCLDC Bullet Camera
MCLDC Bullet Camera
From €720.00 Item Details
Picture of MCLDC Dome Camera
MCLDC Dome Camera
From €659.90 Item Details