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Detailed Specification

The following document provides detailed specifications for all the lenses we supply;

Express 2, 4 & 8 

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Picture of  4  10mm Varifocal Lens
4 10mm Varifocal Lens
119.00 Item Details
Picture of 5MP 16-48mm Varifocal Lens
5MP 16-48mm Varifocal Lens
408.68 Item Details
Picture of 5MP 4.5-13mm Varifocal Lens
5MP 4.5-13mm Varifocal Lens
294.49 Item Details
Picture of 4-8mm Varifocal Auto-Iris Lens
4-8mm Varifocal Auto-Iris Lens
215.16 Item Details
Picture of 8-48mm Manual Zoom Lens
8-48mm Manual Zoom Lens
300.50 Item Details
Picture of 8-48mm Motorized Zoom Lens
8-48mm Motorized Zoom Lens
0.00 Item Details
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