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You'll find the best casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung here, you have time to get it! are the providers of Internet Cameras solutions based on the most innovative IP Network Cameras, IP Video servers and IP CCTV software. As the sole UK resellers of StarDot Technologies, Multi Megapixel & High Definition IP Cameras, ICU-Technologies can meet the most demanding requirements of both business and domestic consumers. ICU Technologies Ltd provides a complete range of IP Network IP Cameras, IP Video Servers, H264 IP Network Cameras and a choice of Network Video Recording Software (NVR) together with supporting services.

Unprecedented Video Quality

Unlike other IP camera companies, StarDot's history is deeply embedded in digital image processing. StarDot didn't take a network device and simply throw in some imaging hardware. Fourteen years of digital image processing into the StarDot Imaging Engine processor and combined it with network hardware specifically designed for video transmission, The end result is that the clarity, colour balance and low light performance of the NetCam SC video is light years ahead of the pack.

View Your Camera From Anywhere in the World!

The NetCam SC is compatible with all of the devices below.

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